The Beginnings

Isaiah 46:13 - ...and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory.

Lesson 2: The Possessor of Heaven & Earth (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Apr. 21, 2021 | Genesis 1:1 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we begin laying the foundation of the series in earnest by looking at the creative active of God whereby He made the heaven and the earth. In the very first verse of the Bible, we see the mind of God begin to be communicated to us as His manner of expressions educate on His own perspective concerning the creation. We also explore the reason for which God made the distinct spheres and delve into some of the details for His purpose with them, administration of them, and the joy of His own heart.

Lesson 3: The Possessor of Heaven & Earth (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Apr. 28, 2021 | Genesis 1:1-2:25 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue looking at the creation. Specifically, our attention is directed by God to His work concerning the earth during the creation week. We are given to see the mechanical implementation of His plan in view of His purpose in the things He went to work to accomplish in the first seven days. Various scripture passages are sited to give context to God's wisdom work in connection with the heaven and earth and we also highlight the role of man as it relates to His laboring together with God.

Lesson 4: The Possessor of Heaven & Earth (Pt. 3)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | May 5, 2021 | Eze. 28:11-19; Isa. 14:12-17 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, our attention turns to the question of why we see not yet all things put under the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Father's original design. Something horrible happened inside a resplendent creature, and a plan of evil was born to oppose the Father's good pleasure. Over the course of this message, we examine the origination of the plan of evil along with the various elements that were set out by a being who corrupted his wisdom and devoted himself to a course of opposition to all that is holy. The background information and the contriving work of Satan is examined in this lesson, and the one to follow.

Lesson 5: The Possessor of Heaven & Earth (Pt. 4)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | May 12, 2021 | Isa. 14:12-17; Eze. 28:11-19; Gen. 3:1-24 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we delve into the mechanical implementation of Satan's plan of evil as he begins to pursue his objective to be like the most High. Having learned that the most High is a title that signifies who is the rightful possessor of heaven and earth, we have a basis for understanding Satan's usurping activities in both realms of God's creation government. We are given to see the multiplication of Satan's iniquity in the heavenly places as he trafficks his corrupted wisdom among the principalities and powers, and we also learn of his deceptive tactics on earth to recruit man into his ungodly objectives. Finally, we see the response of God to the Satanic plan of evil, and the stage is set for the showdown of the ages as wisdom combats wisdom for the rightful possession of the title as the most High, possessor of heaven and earth.

Lesson 6: The Course of this World (Pt. 1): Cain & Abel

Bro. Joshua Edwards | May 19, 2021 | Eph. 2:2; Gen. 4:1-26 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we delve into the Satanic response to God's declared plan for earthly repossession through the seed of the woman. The course of this world is the primary topic in this message with a brief introduction from Ephesians 2 and a look at the first steps of its implementation in Genesis 4 with the way of Cain. Through Cain and his descendants, the prince of this world devises a policy that caters to man's spiritual deadness and the lust of his flesh to multiply Satanic wisdom throughout the earth. The things covered in this message are designed to showcase the first of three steps that Satan took to secure his usurped dominion on the earth.

Lesson 7: The Course of this World (Pt. 2): The Sons of God & The Daughters of Men

Bro. Joshua Edwards | May 26, 2021 | Gen. 5:1-8:22; 2 Pet. 2:4-6; Jude 1:6-7,14-15 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue looking at the course of the world and the Satanic policy of evil designed to securing his usurped claim on earth. As we see the competing wisdoms take shape in the lines of Cain and Seth, we are transitioned into the next step of intensification in Satan's offensive attack against the seed of the woman. A peculiar event is recorded in Gen. 6 in relation to the sons of God and the daughters of men. This abominable activity rapidly corrupts the earth and produces the world of the ungodly according to Satan's will. In response, we also see God ushering in a catastrophic judgment against mankind that at first appears to be the end of His plan and purpose with man. Nevertheless, Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD and serves as the channel through which God's wisdom plan will continue on.

Lesson 8: The Course of this World (Pt. 3): Babel

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 2, 2021 | Gen. 9:1-11:9; Rom. 1:18-32 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we move on to the current world order as experienced in the advent of human government. Following the flood, the institution of governing authority among men was established by God and vested with his blessing and authority for the replenishing of the earth. Soon after the flood, Satan began his work to re-implement his policy of evil and the course of this world among men. In characteristic rebelliousness, the nations of men again align themselves with Satan's objectives, and the kingdom of Babel is born with its idolatrous reaching unto the heaven, a great name, and a centralized headquarters. The scattering of men occurs under the judgment of God and the nations are given over to the power of darkness and given leave to walk in their own ways.

Lesson 9: Abraham (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 9, 2021 | Genesis 12:1-3 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we begin to look at God's plan of offense in response to the Adversary's corruption on the earth through the nations. As the world of the Gentiles has been given over to walk in their own ways, God Himself moves and reaches into the very heart of the Enemy's stronghold and plucks a brand out of the fire for His own use. To Abram, God reveals a purpose make a nation of His own creation through his seed and to give him a land that will be center of God's blessings for all the families of the earth. In this preliminary study on God's purpose with Abram, or Abraham as he will come to be known, we examine some of the early details we are given about this important character in the repossession purpose of God for this earth.

Lesson 10: Abraham (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 16, 2021 | Genesis 12:4-9; 13:14-18 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue examining Abram and the initial interactions between himself and the LORD. The particular area of focus in this message is the special land that the LORD promised him for an inheritance. We briefly examine the reason that the land of Canaan is so special to the LORD and current state of it in view of the Canaanites' migration into it after the judgment of Babel. An array of passages are considered as we seek to put things in proper perspective in relation to the land. Furthermore, we see a special gesture that the LORD commands Abram to perform within that land that signals God's offensive battle strategy by which His land will be redeemed for His peculiar purpose on earth.

Lesson 11: Abraham (Pt. 3)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 23, 2021 | Genesis 14:1-24 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we examine Satan's stirring of the Gentile powers to strengthen his grip in response to Abram's presence in the land of Canaan. As disputes on the surface seem to focus upon the rebellion of tributaries, a special encounter with the king of Salem gives us insight into the behind-the-scenes activities of those who are Abram's enemies. Through divine empowerment, Abram and his small band of trained servants prevail over the armies of their enemies, and the tithes of the spoils of victory are given in tribute to the King of Righteousness and King of Peace who functions in the land as the visible representation of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth.

Lesson 12: Abraham (Pt. 4)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 30, 2021 | Gen. 15:1-21; Rom. 4:17-25; Heb. 6:13-20 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue our examination of Abram with a look into a crucial chapter in his relationship to the LORD. Genesis 15 is a chapter that is grounding to many Bible passages, and one that needs to be understood in order to properly orient ourselves to the rest of the word of God. Abram's justification unto eternal life is herein disclosed and becomes the pattern by which he is known as the father of faith. Additionally, the Abrahamic Covenant is confirmed with an oath as we see an unconditional covenant established between the LORD and the seed of Abram.

Lesson 13: Abraham (Pt. 5)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 14, 2021 | Gen. 17:1-14; Rom. 4:9-12, 16-17; Eph. 2:11-13 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we conclude our examination of Abraham with a brief look at the issue of circumcision. Using the text of Genesis 17 along with the instructions of our apostle in Romans 4 and Ephesians 2, we learn about the 2 aspects of the doctrine of circumcision as it relates to Israel's Program. We deal with it from the standpoint of both its sign significance related to God's covenant relationship with Israel as a nation and its seal significance as it relates to the matter of a testimony concerning Abraham's fatherhood of all who believe. These crucial distinctions make a number of other doctrines easier to understand and help us to avoid common edification pitfalls when it comes to rightly dividing the word of truth.

Lesson 14: The Promises Made unto Israel's Fathers (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 21, 2021 | Gen. 17:15-22; 21:1-8, 12; 25:19-26; 26:1-5; 28:10-22 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we track the confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant through the seed of Abraham. Declarations of God's purpose to the preceding generation are considered, along with the personal encounters of the LORD with the patriarchs. Special attention is given to an event that takes place with Jacob in which the purpose of God's program with Israel is relayed and illustrated. We consider Jacob's dream and the vision of the ladder set up on the earth and reaching unto heaven and its "Beth-el" significance.

Lesson 15: The Promises Made unto Israel's Fathers (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 28, 2021 | Gen. 28:12-19; 32:24-31; 35:22-26; 49:28 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we wrap up a few outstanding items from the previous lesson. A few additional details are provided regarding Jacob's dream-vision in Genesis 28, followed by a brief examination of his wrestling match with a man of God in Genesis 32. Per this account, we find that Jacob is made to confront the reality of his identity as Jacob, the Supplanter, and he is thereafter given a new name by the LORD. As Israel, his seed will prevail as a prince to have power with God and men, thus signifying the kingdom purpose God has with this great nation.