Every word of God is pure...

Proverbs 30:5 the end ye may be established...

Romans 1:11

The foundation of the "godly edifying"of the Body of Christ is found in the book of Romans. This epistle sets forth the great truths of "the faith" as committed to the Apostle Paul. Every saint needs a strategic grasp and understanding of this vital book in God's word. While the intent of this series is not a verse-by-verse examination, it is intended to give the saint the fundamental grasp of Romans truth, so he/she can more readily deal with it on his/her own.

The following is an older, much extended study on the book of Romans. It is made available for those who desire to invest the time in listening to the messages, however, the Romans Overview above will give a more generalized summary of the major doctrinal issues of each section. Some of my understanding may have changed from what was taught in this series, especially in the early chapters. Email me with specific questions.

This series of 177 lessons, comprised of over 132 hours of teaching, is my longest completed work to date. I taught these lessons in a Sunday School setting over a period of about 3.5 years. During that time, my own understanding of the word of God was actively growing, and I believe I became a better teacher while going through this learning process along with my students. The book of Romans was instrumental to my own establishment in the teachings of the grace of God that was committed to Paul's trust. I am confident that if you will take the time to work through these recordings in sequence while studying the word of God yourself, you too will become "established" in the faith. I am ever grateful to my Heavenly Father for all He taught me through this study.