The Captivities

Isaiah 46:13 - ...and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory.

Lesson 57: Israel: Downcast, Destroyed & Desolate (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 8, 2022 | Lev. 26:27-46; 2 Ki. 17:1-23; 21:1-16; 24:11-20; 25:1-21 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we take a preliminary look at the fifth course of punishment in Leviticus 26. Our first order of business is to examine the text of the law to understand the similarities and differences between the fifth course of punishment and the previous four. What we find is yet another seven-fold intensification as the fury of the LORD is poured out upon Israel and Judah resulting in their expulsion from the land of promise. After defining the terms and listing the curses, we dive back into the history and the prophets to sample the arrival of the fifth course curses in both the northern and southern kingdoms. A lot of verses are covered in this message, so be sure to keep your Bible handy as you study the word of God with us.

Lesson 58: Israel: Downcast, Destroyed & Desolate (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 15, 2022 | Lev. 26:27-46; 2 Kings 17:9-13; 24:1-4; 2 Chron. 36:15-16 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue to examine the fifth course of punishment by sampling passages from several prophets that ministered to Israel & Judah ahead of the coming captivity. In their prophecies we can see all the curses of the fifth course of punishment spoken about along with the sorrow of Jehovah over the iniquities and sins of His people. Unfortunately, the nation persisted with their stiff-necks and rebellious hearts and had to endure the legal chastisement of the covenant that they were under. Sin always destroys and the sinner's only hope is in the name of the LORD! Israel & Judah have to learn this the hard way, and there was nothing harder to this stage of the program than the fifth course of punishment and the captivities that got it underway.

Lesson 59: Of Times & Sabbaths (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 22, 2022 | Lev. 23:3-44; 25:1-22; 26:32-35, 43; 2 Chron. 36:15-21 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we take up a further examination of a key issue wrapped upon the fifth course of punishment with respect to the land; namely, the enjoyment of the sabbatical years.  Leviticus 26 makes a clear connection between Israel's scattering and the land of the LORD from which they were removed by their Gentile captors.  In addition to their many sins and idolatrous abominations, the issue of their misuse and abuse of the Jehovah's land is a key component of their exile.  As we study, we learn of the variety of sabbath days that the LORD required of His people under the law, the special significance of the sabbaths in Israel and how the overarching theme of God's program with them is intertwined in the prescribed sabbath observances.  It was their neglect of these fundamental issues of the program for which they find themselves shut out of the LORD's inheritance.  Finally, we see how that these important issues are linked back to the underlying "time" of prophecy and its connection to the arrival of the fifth course of punishment as declared by the prophet Jeremiah.  Get your Bible ready and study with us as we explore these fascinating matters together!

Lesson 60: Of Times & Sabbaths (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jun. 29, 2022 | 2 Chron. 36:15-21; Jer. 25:11-12; 29:10 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue to examine some further details of Israel's fifth course of punishment under the law with a special emphasis on time within the prophetic program. God has dealt with Israel according to prophecy and prophetic timetables from their beginning, and this message is designed to demonstrate how that the seventy years prophecy of Jeremiah fits as another link in the chain of a long list of prophetic utterances given to Israel by the LORD. Consequently, much of this message serves as a review, but not one without significance as it relates to our present position within God's dealings with the nation Israel. More about time will be revealed in time, so with your Bible ready, study with us as we learn these truths together.

Lesson 61: The Times of the Gentiles (Pt. 1)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 6, 2022 | Jeremiah 25:1-14; Daniel 2:1-45 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we begin an examination of the Gentile world powers that are set to serve themselves of Israel in the fifth course of punishment. Following the 70 years of Babylonian captivity, there is a prophetic expectation of more to come before the kingdom of the God of heaven is established and the Davidic throne restored to Israel. Through a brief look at Jeremiah 25, we are introduced to these concepts of Gentile power in relation to Israel, and then we move into Daniel 2 to get further details about the next phases of world history. This is a fascinating study concerning a Gentile king, a Jewish captive, a great image of metallic and earth composition, and a stone cut out without hands. Get your Bible ready and study with us in this exciting portion of God's word!

Lesson 62: The Times of the Gentiles (Pt. 2)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 13, 2022 | Jeremiah 29:1-11; Daniel 9:1-27 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we continue our look at the Times of the Gentiles. In addition to Jeremiah's prophecy concerning the punishment of Babylon after seventy years, he also made prophecies via letter to the Jewish captives of the first deportation. To them, the LORD reveals by Jeremiah that after the time is fulfilled, He would visit them and cause them to return to the land. Thus they were given hope that the desolation of Jerusalem would be ended and a return would be permitted, however, only under the authority of the next Gentile power. Based upon that understanding, near the end of the seventy years Daniel comes to understand the relative position of Judah to Jeremiah's prophecy and sets his face toward the LORD to understand what is coming next. To Daniel, Gabriel is sent to provide skill and understanding of the times. Seventy weeks are determined and within that time all will finally be fulfilled. The material covered in these passages sets the stage for the rest of the program and gives us the framework upon which to comprehend God's work and word moving forward. Things are about to get interesting!

Lesson 63: The Times of the Gentiles (Pt. 3)

Bro. Joshua Edwards | Jul. 20, 2022 | Daniel 9:20-27 | Download Audio | Youtube

In this message, we return to Daniel 9 and the prophecy of the seventy weeks determined upon the people and the city of Jerusalem. We further explore the detailed breakdown of the timeline and take note of how it fits with the Times of the Gentiles overall. After a brief review of the concept of the seventy weeks of years, our attention shifts to the text to build out the framework of the subdivisions of time within the seventy weeks prophecy. The details attached to each segment of time or quite telling with important truths about the beginning and end points from which time is to be reckoned. This all has profound significance for the city of Jerusalem and the earthly program of God overall. Additionally, we learn that much of the rest of the Bible fits on this timeline and we begin associating some books with each section of the timeline.